We run a XRPL validator at that’s included in Ripple’s and Coil’s recommended node list (UNL). Our node’s validation key is:


Validator’s properties:

  1. Long history of availability and agreement:
  2. High I/O NVMe SSD disks in RAID configuration.
  3. Dedicated server that only runs rippled and sshd.
  4. Connected to the internet backbone via 1 GBit/s connection.
  5. Peers with several highly trusted XRPL hubs.
  6. Geographically located in a commercial datacenter near Helsinki, Finland.
  7. CentOS 7 with regular OS updates.
  8. Timely and coordinated rippled upgrades.
  9. Independently operated - Not affiliated with Ripple, Inc.


The API service that powers runs a separate stock rippled node that’s completely isolated from the validating node.

Contact operator

There are several ways to contact the node operator. For transparency, we’re happy to answer any questions related to the validating node. Contact us