xrpscan documentation

XRPSCAN is an explorer for the XRP Ledger that provides an easy way to search and explore the ledger. On xrpscan.com you can explore:

  • Ledgers
  • Accounts
  • Transactions
  • Validators
  • Ledger metrics


XRPSCAN is an explorer and analytics platform for the XRP Ledger. We provide a clean and simple way to look up your accounts, ledgers and transactions.

We hope you find this project useful and use it in your daily interaction with the XRP Ledger. There are several tasks that we’re working on to make XRPSCAN more useful and accessible. We’ll roll out these changes as and when they are complete.

We run a XRPL validator (aloha.xrpscan.com) that’s included in Ripple’s and Coil’s recommended UNL. We’re committed to the success of XRP and absolutely ❤ the XRP Community. We hope you give us a try and spread the word.


$ make html


XRPSCAN is in beta testing. If you find a bug, please report it on our Github tracker. We can also be reached on email: Contact us.

We’re active on Twitter at: @xrpscan